About the artist

Ciska van der Meer,
Alkmaar, the Netherlands, 1971

With a loose note, Ciska van der Meer paints blossoming spring branches on wide-sized canvas in bright colours. An abstract division of the background adds a modern and extra dimension to the composition. These monumental canvases give grandeur to any room, whether it has a modern or traditional interior design.

The studio of the artist, originally from the coastal town of Bergen, can be found in the heart of Amsterdam and has a view of one of the beautiful canals. Her name is reminiscent of the famous Dutch painter Vermeer, yet the artist does not

necessarily find her inspiration in the traditional painting.

Instead of cool colours and meticulous details, we more often find warm Mediterranean colours and an impressionist touch in her work. Her sources of inspiration lie mainly in France with Monet, Matisse and Leger.

Van der Meer sharpened her skills at the Art Academy of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Sometimes she trades her studio for a floating workshop, putting her easel on the tide-lands of the Wadden Sea. As a keen sailor, Van der Meer has explored the Wadden Sea endlessly.

Her work can be found in stock in several galleries. More details on these artworks are available on the website. Ciska van der Meer also creates bespoke artwork for which she likes to be inspired by the surroundings and background of the assignment at hand, in consultation with the client.


Ciska van der Meer paintings are currently on display at: